• Discovers confidential data in an organization.
  • Monitor and prevent data leakage from various channels such as:
  • Removable Storage Device (USB and external hard disk)
  • Location (Detect use of unsecure WIFI hotspot and Wired LAN)
  • Email (Prevent attachment of confidential file)
  • Clipboard operations (Cut and paste)
  • Print Screen
  • Internet (HTTP, FTP, Webmail, P2P and IM)
  • Printer (Prevent printing to unauthorised printer)
  • Detect user disconnection time from the server to declare status like loss of laptop and than perform
  • reasonable action like erase confidential data from hard disk.
  • Capture every keystroke and mouse click when users work on highly confidential document for audit
  • purposes.
  • Inventorize all hardware and software information on every computer in the organization for audit
  • purposes and ease of configuration.