Evault Technologies Sdn Bhd, a 100% local Malaysian company has many years of experience and expertise in enterprise data protection. We have specialized in data protection for more than 17 years since the introduction and enforcement of the Malaysian Digital Signature Act in 1997.

Our team have many years of experience in data protection and were the core technical development team from our Malaysian first Certification Authority, Digicert Sdn Bhd. Our competencies include public key infrastructure, strong multi-factor authentication, strong encryption and data leakage prevention.

Our mission is to continue to build on our core expertise commercialize leading edge, cost effective and user friendly Data Leakage Prevention solutions for Government and Corporate and to continue to provide the best support to our customers to protect their highly confidential and sensitive data from leakages, preserve their customer data privacy and be compliant with Personal Data Protection

Acts (PDPA).

Our Track Record

We have a good track record of undertaking local Research and Development of leading edge Data Protection solutions e.g. We developed and implemented a Digital Key Management solution for PETRONAS in 2007 to ensure their Data Confidentiality, Integrity, Authentication and Non-Repudiation. In 2009 we developed a Strong Multifactor Authentication solution to counteract the latest and most advanced online transaction threats e.g. MITM (Man-In-The-Middle) and MITB (Man-In-The-Browser), Silent Banker, EuroGrabber and other advanced phishing threats.

In 2013, we developed in collaboration with MOSTI and CyberSecurity Malaysia a leading edge Data Leakage Prevention solution for enterprise networks, SecureMi to protect sensitive government and corporate data from leakages due to insider threats. The solution is Common Criteria certified.

SecureMi has been selected by the Mosti Commercialization Year (MCY2014) committee for commercialization.

We are a technology member of the Government Protection Profile Working Group (PPWG) Committee, 2012 – 2014, on Data Leakage Prevention, chaired by MAMPU and Cybersecurity Malaysia to develop our own Malaysian Protection Profile on Data Protection and Data Leakage.